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Team Leader: Nadine Peyréras

Location: Université Paris-Sud, Rue Georges Clemenceau, Orsay, France

The team investigates morphogenetic processes in morphogenesis in Metazoans. We focus on the integration of cellular, molecular and genetic processes based on long-term 3D+time imaging of developing organisms in normal and perturbed conditions, data reconstruction and quantitative analysis. Methodological developments include: assisted microscopy based
on machine learning strategies to optimize live imaging conditions by multiphoton point laser scanning microscopy and light sheet microscopy, automated image processing and quantitative data analysis, interactive visualisation for cell lineage data validation, correction and analysis.

Expertise of the Team:

  • Machine learning for assisted microscopy and image processing
  • Optimization for in vivo and in toto 3D+time imaging by multiphoton point laser scanning microscopy and light sheet microscopy of developing organisms (metazoans an plants)
  • Data management, image processing workflow, interactive visualisation

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Image Data Handling