A National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging

Imagopole – Pasteur

Contact: Spencer Shorte

pseudo logo Imagopole Imagopole (Pole de dynamique moléculaire et fonctionnelle, Institut Pasteur) is a research technologies platform comprising three technology “platform” groups (around thirty research engineers) and a translational research center (CIH; centre d’immunologie humaine). We develop and apply optical, ultrastructural, and cytometry imaging methods to the study of host-pathogen interactions at a molecular, cellular, tissue and whole organism level, notably using analysis of spatial features and temporal dynamics in situ. We use fluorescence and bioluminescence based high-content imaging techniques (including flow-cytometry, and intravital imaging), and ultrastructural technologies including transmission and scanning electron microscopy. Along these lines we have three main areas of interest, and funded projects running: 1) development and application of new molecular probes, and cell/tissue preparation methods; 2) development of novel imaging modalities, and/or biological models/paradigms, and 3) development of image analysis, database & visualization solutions. Multiple access modalities include: assisted access full service; autonomous access; and scientific collaboration. Also see Citech.