FBI-AT 2022 – Programme

Preliminary programme

Speakers And Talk Titles

Emmanuel Beaurepaire – Strategies for large-volume/fast multiphoton imaging of uncleared tissue

Giulia Bertolin – Exploring mitochondrial functions: from FRET biosensors to super-resolution microscopy

Joerg Bewersdorf – All-optical Super-resolution Imaging of Molecules in Their Nanoscale Cellular Context

Peter Dedecker –  More informative imaging with ‘smart’ probes and PSF engineering

Claire Deo – Chemigenetic molecular tools for biological imaging

Marie Erard – Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) to monitor bio-chemical processes in living cells

Ricardo Henriques – Open technology for Super-Resolution and Machine-Learning enabled Live-Cell BioImaging

Christophe Leterrier – The functional nano-architecture of axonal actin

Sandrine Lévêque-Fort – Modulated excitation for in depth single molecule localization microscopy

Gustavo Quintas – Multiscale light-sheet organoid imaging framework

Gaelle Recher – Using microfabrication and parallelised imaging to investigate morphodynamics of encapsulated spheroids

Jean-Baptiste Sibarita – Quantitative multi-scale imaging using single-objective light-sheet microscopy

Lothar Schermelleh – The power of SIM – structured illumination microscopy as a tool for biological discovery