FBI delegation participation to 2nd Sino-French Joint Meeting on BioImaging

FBI delegation participation to 2nd Sino-French Joint Meeting on BioImaging


FBI sent a delegation to Beijing, China to attend the 2nd Sino-French Joint Meeting on BioImaging from April 8th to April 10th, 2024. This event was hosted by Peking University and jointly organized with FBI. 

This joint event took place on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, and to further promote the innovation and development of biomedical imaging technology, strengthen international academic exchanges and cooperation, leverage the strategic and comprehensive benefits of the national scientific and technological infrastructure dedicated to multimodal cross-scale biomedical imaging.

The meeting gathered preeminent scientists, researchers, engineers, and technical developers from the Chinese and French bioimaging communities to explore the future trajectories of bioimaging technology through the dissemination of the latest research findings, technological advancements, and application cases. During the 3-days scientific event, 12 French (mainly FBI members) and 17 Chinese speakers presented their scientific work and technological developments.

« I really enjoyed participating to this high-level conference gathering top-research works in the field of bioimaging. It highlighted the dynamism and the extremely promising applications we can expect in the next years from the development of both new imaging instruments and dedicated analysis tools. Last but no least, such gathering also show how communication and collaboration between China and France can contribute to the field and to the development of a broader community in bioimaging » shares Remi Galland from the team “Quantitative Imaging of the Cell” at IINS in Bordeaux.

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Ahead of the scientific meeting, FBI national coordination delegates – Yves Mély, Deputy Director for International Affairs, Caroline Thiriet, External Affairs Manager and Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, mission officer – presented the French infrastructure and its relationship history with the National Biomedical Imaging Center (NBIC) of Peking University, the infrastructure’s activities with a focus on innovation, training and user access, and mutualised Image data services, to the representatives of the Peking University and NBIC.

Antje Kepler, Euro-BioImaging ERIC BioHub Director and Global BioImaging coordinator, was also invited and presented the European infrastructure and global network dedicated to biological imaging.

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the brand new NBIC facilities in Huairou.

Finally, the FBI representatives also had the opportunity to meet with the CNRS office in Beijing and two scientific advisors from the French Embassy in Beijing. This meeting provided an opportunity to take stock of the two Bioimaging communities, and to discuss the tools provided both by the CNRS and the Embassy to promote exchanges between the two countries.

It was a very rich and fruitful scientific and cooperation meeting, and France-BioImaging is looking forward to further its cooperation with the NBIC in the near future. In particular, efforts will be made to build-up an official agreement to develop the future exchanges between the two countries.