Symposium on recent developments in cellular electron microscopy – March 21/22

Symposium on recent developments in cellular electron microscopy – March 21/22


The thematic institute of molecular and structural basis of life sciences of the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Aviesan) has identified cellular (cryo) electron microscopy as a priority area to be developed in the future. To better understand the functional behaviour of living organism, it becomes increasingly important to describe its structural organization from atomic scales to integrated, multi-component biological systems. Recent developments in imaging have drastically transformed our perception of the molecular organization and of the dynamic interactions of molecules in cellular systems.

That is why, they are organizing a 2-days meeting entitled “Symposium on recent developments in cellular electron microscopy”, and dedicated to the latest progresses in the field of cellular electron microscopy at the interface with fluorescent microscopy and structural biology. The meeting is built around 4 scientific sessions, namely volumetric imaging, cryo-electron tomography, correlative light and electron microscopy, and new technological developments. The meeting is for molecular and cellular biologists to have an overview of the latest results and concepts that develop at this interface.

Due to the sanitary situation, vaccination pass and face masks are mandatory to attend the meeting.

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Yves Gaudin, I2BC

Carine Giovannangeli, AVIESAN

Bruno Robert, CEA

Patrick Schultz, IGBMC

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