France-BioImaging – Call for new Nodes 2022

France-BioImaging – Call for new Nodes 2022


France-BioImaging is launching a call to have up to two new Nodes joining the infrastructure.

In 2022, France-BioImaging gathers 21 biological imaging facilities and 54 R&D teams specialized in biological imaging (see It is structured in 6 local Nodes (Bordeaux, Bretagne-Loire, Ile-de-France-Sud, Marseille, Montpellier, Paris) and one transversal Node dedicated to bioimage informatics (IPDM). France-BioImaging is also the French node of Euro-BioImaging ERIC (see

The objectives of France-BioImaging are to promote the dissemination of the latest advances in all technologies and methods related to biological imaging, and their adoption by the users of the facilities that constitute the infrastructure.

In order to expand its technology and expertise portfolio and to provide the best possible geographical coverage to life scientists across France, France-BioImaging invites node candidates to submit their letter of intent here before May 31st, 2022.

Node candidates should:

  • Be made up of imaging facilities and R&D teams specialized in biological imaging, not necessarily grouped on the same campus but with a territorial logic.
  • Demonstrate readiness to provide open user access. The facilities must be open to the outside world beyond the regional level, i.e. to the national and international levels. Each Facility must have a valid IBiSA label, or must be in the process to have their integration in an already existing IBiSA facility validated in 2023, or must obtain this label in 2023. Each facility should have a structured organization and cost accounting. The facilities must have a reservation website for access to the equipment and a user training program. The facilities will be required to have or commit to a data management plan.
  • Gather R&D teams with a high degree of innovation and demonstrate a willingness to collaborate with the facilities. They must explain and demonstrate their technology and/or know-how transfer methods, particularly towards the local platforms, but not exclusively.
  • Bring real added value in relation to the current status of France-BioImaging, whether in terms of technologies, methodologies, scientific themes, novel user communities,… (for more information, visit the FBI website and consult the service offer). This is a key criteria.
  • Have an integrated and effective governance model.

More information on the selection criteria, expected commitments and documentation that needs to be provided can be found here.

Node selection will be done via a two-step process:

  • a letter of intent (deadline May 31st, 2022): the form to be completed is available here
  • a full application (deadline September 30th, 2022).

Applications will be reviewed at both steps by an International Board and decisions will be communicated at the end of 2022.

If at any time of the application process you have questions, please feel free to contact the France-BioImaging coordination Team by sending an email to

We are looking forward to receiving your letter of intent!

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