Three National Infrastructures to challenge “Big Data”

Three National Infrastructures to challenge “Big Data”

FLI, FBI and IBF 1st meeting,
on management and analysis of heterogeneous Big Data
Paris, January 22, 2016

Over the case studies presented by the three infrastructures, it appears that the life-science data deluge and in particular Image Data, causes processing and management issues in terms of volume, formats and numbers of parameters to integrate. However, the challenge to find ways to share and analyze the diversity of Biological Data will unquestionably lead, to scientific and medical advances previously impossible. Indeed, the trans-dimensional understanding of the living organisms that such a “Big Data” approach should bring, will allow a multi-scale view of biological mechanisms and provide new tools for the prevention and diagnosis of diseases.

Organization, integration, description and harmonization are essential for the best use, comparison and interoperability of the heterogeneous and large data sets produced by the different fields of Biomedical Sciences. It is therefore necessary to have standards in all stages of processing and validation in a context where most of the formats are not suitable for very large and/or complex data. For this purpose, it was decided to set up inter-INBS think tanks with the aim to develop common projects:

    (1) To explain the specific locks and identify means to solve them
    (2) To Illustrate on “study case” projects the added value of a joint work
    (3) To make recommendations for Big Data management in the Life Sciences Area


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