SSIAB 2016

11th Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in Biology Workshop
Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique centre, France
May 25-27, 2016

The SSIAB 2016 is part of a cycle of Danish-French conference, initiated in 1996 and held every two years alternately in Denmark and France. This 11th edition will take place in May 25-27 2016 in Rennes (Bretagne) at the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (Inria) Centre. It is jointly organized by the Serpico team of Inria, the Mathematics research institute IRMAR of the University of Rennes 1 and the Inra Institute of Genetics, Environment and Plant Protection (IGEPP).

This workshop is devoted to spatial statistics and image analysis and their applications in biology (e.g. agriculture, epidemiology, ecology, health and environment). It aims to bring together a limited number of participants (40 max.) interested in spatial statistics in general and specifically applied to biological problems. Each participant makes a presentation. Most participants come regularly to these meetings but new speakers (not necessarily French or Danish) are invited to each edition. Part of the presentations is reserved for ending PhD students and young researchers. This event is part of the thematic semester “Statistics” of the Centre Henri Lebesgue.

This international meeting on statistics applied to biological problematics will be the opportunity to meet international experts on the field to increase the visibility of this issue in the laboratory and in the community. The interventions of speakers and exchanges are likely to develop new partnerships and increase the involvement of IRMAR, INRA and INRIA colleagues on this topic.

Organization board: Bernard Delyon, Frédéric Lavancier, Charles Kervrann, Melen Leclerc