1st International Meeting of the UPMC Cellular Imaging Network

3D Electron Microscopy : From Molecule to Organism

22-23 May 2014



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DEADLINE : April, the 2nd 2014




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This meeting is organized by the Cell Imaging Network of Pierre and Marie Curie University. It will present up-to-date 3D electron microscopy methods, as innovative tools to uncover the structure and function of biological systems at all levels of organization : molecules, multimolecular complexes, organelles, cells, tissues, organisms.

The program is focused on tomography, serial Imaging (FIB/SEM, Serial Block Face),  cryo-EM, scanning EM and 3D image reconstruction. It includes communications by invited speakers, short communications from selected submitted abstracts and poster sessions.



MIVOA a PSL Project

Microscopy Adaptive Optics Day

MIVOA Project

April 1st, 2014 – 9h-17h

Institut Langevin

1, rue Jussieu, 75005 PARIS.


The “Microscopy Adaptive Optics Day” organized as part of the MIVOA project certified by PSL (with teams from IBENS, Institut Langevin, LESIA) will be held on April 1 at the Institut Langevin. This day will focus on the use of adaptive optics in Microscopy with the aim to promote this technology in Ile de France.



More information and registration : Journée MIVOA

Contact : journee-mivoa@sciencesconf.org

With the support of

The Multi-dimensionnal Fluorescence Photonic Microscopy Technological Network (RTmfm) supports and promotes methodological and knowledge exchanges in the field of photonic microscopy devoted to life science. We organizes every year, since 2004, a national meeting of engineers and researchers working in imaging facilities over the life science french institutes. This meeting is held in a different location each year to highlight the technological and organizational characteristics of a place.

Held over two days, the different topics raised by the speakers cover technological aspects as well as organizational and collaborative tools to manage facilities.

Evolutions and activities of the different working groups of the network (Metrology, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, Arduino) and all the trainings organized by the network each year are presented and new propositions are debated.

This year the meeting is organised in Villefranche sur Mer and speakers will talk about new detectors in microscopy, batch image analysis developments or Web Images & Data Environment… A presentation and a visit of the Oceanology Institute and its imaging facilities will be organised. To get more informations see our website : rtmfm.cnrs.fr in “news” section.


Joint Pasteur-Curie CLEM days were held at Institut Pasteur in Paris on October 21-22.Congrès CLEM


Flyer CLEM Workshop Pasteur Curie


The CLEM days 2013 were jointly organized by the GDR-MIV 2588, Institut Curie and Institut Pasteur and were in the framework of the “Journées Thématiques du GDR-MIV 2588” & of France-BioImaging.



On 13-19 May 2013, we will organize in Montpellier an EMBO practical course on “Super-resolution and single molecule microscopies in living cells”. The course will last five days, and 50% of the time will be devoted for practical experiments, using PALM, FCS, STED and SIM microscopes. This course will be open to 16 participants from all the world.

The topics covered will be :

  • PALM / STORM imaging
  • Fluctuation microscopy methods (FCS, RICS, N&B, …)
  • Structured Illumination
  • STED
  • Single-molecule dynamics in cells
  • FLIM
  • High-throughput imaging


The following speakers have already accepted to participate to the meeting :

  • Maïte Coppey-Moisan  (Paris)
  • Christian Eggeling  (Göttingen)
  • Christian Conrad  (Heidelberg)
  • Michelle Digman (Irvine)
  • Enrico Gratton  (Irvine)
  • Thomas Huser (UC Davis)
  • Don Lamb  (Munich)
  • Didier Marguet  (Marseille)
  • Suliana Manley (EPFL)
  • Markus Sauer  (Würzburg)
  • Hari Schroff  (NIH)
  • Victor Sourjik  (Heidelberg)

For more information, follow this link, or contact Marcelo Nollmann or Emmanuel Margeat