Optical imaging of brain connectivity: from synapses to networks in action

Optical imaging of brain connectivity: from synapses to networks in action

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It will be held in Roscoff (Brittany), France, June 13-17, 2016.

Chairperson: Christophe MULLE,
Vice-chairperson: Fritjof HELMCHEN,

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Dear All,

The deadline for application to the Jacques Monod Conference on “Optical imaging of brain connectivity: from synapses to networks in action” is extended to March 14, 2016.

Don’t hesitate to send an abstract, there are still some possibilities to attend. Note that up to 6 participants will be selected for a short talk, based on their abstracts.

Best regards,
Christophe Mulle
Fritjof Helmchen

Invited speakers
Laure BAILLY-CUIF (Gif sur Yvette, France) Imaging neural progenitor cells dynamics during behavior
Haruhiko BITO (Tokyo, Japan) Labeling, monitoring and manipulating active ensembles
Alain CHEDOTAL (Paris, France) Development of new imaging methods to study the organization of sensory systems
Daniel CHOQUET (Bordeaux, France) Nanoscopic organization of synapses
Rosa COSSART (Marseille, France) Imaging ripple events in the awake mouse hippocampus
Valentina EMILIANI (Paris, France) Two-photon optogenetics by spatio-temporal shaping of ultrafast pulse
Andreas FRICK (Bordeaux, France) Neuronal circuits probed with recombinant rabies virus technology
Viviana GRADINARU (Pasadena, USA) Brain control with light; development and application to mental disorders
Fritjof HELMCHEN (Zürich, Switzerland) Imaging cortical circuit dynamics in behaving mice
Sonja HOFER (Bazel, Switzerland) Imaging function and structure of the visual system
Anthony HOLTMAAT (Geneva, Switzerland) Neural circuits in the mammalian neocortex
Ehud Y. ISACOFF (Berkeley, USA) Design of novel probes for the optical detection and manipulation of neuronal signaling
Jinny KIM (Seoul, South Corea) mGRASP for mapping connectivity at multiple scales
Arthur KONNERTH (Tum, Germany) Impaired neuronal network function in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease
Troy MARGRIE (London, United Kingdom) Sensory processing in single cells, circuits and behavior
Hannah MONYER (Heidelberg, Germany) Connectivity in the entorhinal cortex
Valentin NÄGERL (Bordeaux, France) Super-resolution imaging of spine plasticity
Elly NEVIDI (Cambridge, USA) Visualization of synapse assembly and disassembly in vivo: multispectral tracking of distinct circuit elements
Thomas OERTNER (London, United Kingdom) Controlling the strength and lifetime of synapses with light
Julie PERROY (Montpellier, France) Imaging plasticity at synapses
Dmitri RUSAKOV (London,United Kingdom) Mapping nanomolar calcium landscapes inside neurons and astroglia with FLIM
Angus SILVER (London, United Kingdom) Investigating the role of temporal coding using high speed 3D 2-photon imaging
Mark SCHNITZER (Stanford, USA)Development of fiber-optic fluorescence microendoscopy for studies of learning and memory
Scott STERNSON (Ashburn, USA) Neural processes that underlie hunger studied with reverse engineering of neural circuits
Katrin WILLIG (Göttingen, Germany) In vivo STED microscopy of the living mouse brain
Claire WYART (Paris, France) Investigation of a novel sensory interface relaying information from the cerebrospinal fluid to motor circuits
Hongkui ZENG (Seattle, USA) Large scale analysis of mouse brain connectivity