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Scientific platform, instrumental sharing, how to build up and develop a service

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July 4, 2016 July 6, 2016

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The aim of the course is to acquire, by alternating courses, exercises and practical conditions, methods and constraints to the development of a provision of scientific equipment service. We insist on how to develop a contributory model for managing a scientific platform.
Main subjects we deal :
. Know how to read and write a technical specification within the framework of a tender
• Law, regulations of the tendering, billing service
• Relationship to the environment, mounting a local competence network, human relations at work, motivation in a group.
• Establish and improve its working organization with IT tools (Mind Mapping, Gantt Chart)
• Target the instrument you need and manage its obsolescence
• Evaluate the performance of the instrument and make it visible.
• Implementation of indicators (downstream and upstream) to well manage a platform and to give wide overview of its operating.



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