VOLUME EM (Montpellier, France)

VOLUME EM (Montpellier, France)

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The Electron Microscopy platform of the University and DIMNP are pleased to announce the volume EM conference which will take place at the new “Fac de Medecine” of Montpellier on December 14-15th.
Volume EM is a set of methods that allow to obtain high resolution 3D ultrastructural data, using scanning electron microscopy coupled to different automatic serial sectioning techniques. With these methods it is now possible to obtain high resolution 3D data within a few hours or days. Volume EM is of rapidly growing interest at the international level with applications in many fields of research.
During the conference, high level scientists and application developers will present the principles of these methods and selected examples of applications for research.
A “zebrafish challenge” has also been proposed to different microscope manufacturers, for which they had to image an imposed portion of zebrafish embryo using the equipment of their choice. The objective will be to analyse the results obtained in conditions close to “real research”. The data will be presented and commented at the end of the conference, highlighting advantages and limits of each type of method.
The conference will be entirely in English. Inscription is free.. For any question, please write to



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