MiFoBio – Challenge bio

MiFoBio – Challenge bio

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Dear (es) colleagues,

Registration deadline May 28, 2016
September 30 to October 7, 2016
Club Belambra Seignosse, Landes
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As you know, our school MIFOBIO on biological and technological advances in live imaging will take place in Seignosse from 30 September to 7 October 2016 ( This school is organized by the CNRS GDR “microscopy and imaging of living” and RTmfm network with the support of INSERM, France BioImaging, ITMO AVIESAN and EMBRC infrastructure. This year, in addition to the developmental biology models already used in previous years, this year the EMBRC infrastructure (European Biological Resource Centre Marines) will provide some biological models marine (sea urchins, sea squirts, jellyfish, sponges, etc …) to different stages of development.

This school is not reserved for experts in microscopy, but also aims to help “beyond the borders” by bringing the skills and thus provide access to the tremendous potential of imaging and microscopy for biology. To this end, we propose this year a new “challenge bio”.

“challenge bio”

Biologists, particularly those who do not usually use microscopy or wishing to test new imaging modalities can propose a biological problem for which they need imaging. It is not necessary to have a priori on imaging methods’ (acquisition, analysis and modeling) to implement. These are the people involved in imaging (acquisition and analysis) that can recognize the problems posed an interest or potential for their technical and propose experiments that will be conducted during MiFoBio.

The objective is to take advantage of the combination in one place of exceptional technological platform and cutting-edge expertise in the various disciplines, to clear new issues and pave the way for collaboration beyond school.

We invite you to register at the school through the website ( and if you wish to propose a “bio challenge” in imaging (localization, quantification , dynamic, interaction, multi-scale, …). Due to the large number of requests for participation at this school, selection of participants will be made on the basis of this information (300 seats).



Laurent Héliot, Serge Monneret, Tristian Piolot,

for the organizing committee MiFoBio