April-May 2016

The Executive Board of France-BioImaging has decided to support the following projects:

AAP Access
  • Chromogranin A – Phosphatidic Acid Interaction And Regulation Of Hormone Secretion by Maïté Montero of the University of Rouen for 1 week in Marseille (CIML).
  • Dynamic Properties of Synapse-Organizing Proteins by Thomas Biederer of the Tufts University School of Medecine, Boston, MS for 8-10 weeks in Bordeaux (IINS).
  • Amphipathic helices as novel trafficking motifs in transmembrane proteins by Rasmus Herlo of Copenhagen University for 1 month in Bordeaux (IINS).
  • Single-molecule analysis of homologous recombination during bacterial transformation by Maud Hertzog of LMGM/CNRS Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse) for 3 short visits in a 3 years project in Montpellier (CIML).


AAP Grant for Event
  • SSIAB 2016 (Spatial Statistics and Image Analysis in Biology Workshop) – May 25, 2016 in Rennes, by Charles Kervrann – funded by BI – IPDM
  • 15èmes journées de formation du RCCM : “Analyse d’images et nouvelles techniques d’imageries spécifiques” – 1-3 juin in St Etienne – by Isabelle Anselme Bertrand (Univ. St Etienne) – funded by IdF Sud
  • “First French Optogenetic Club” – 23 juin 2016 in Grenoble – by Olivier Destaing (Univ. JF de Grenoble)
  • MiFoBio 2016 – 30 september to 7 october 2016 in Seignosse – by GDR-MIV
  • Congrès GTBIO – SFB 2016 “Structural Biology meets Biophysics” – 13-16 Décembre 2016 in Obernai – by Eric Ennifar (CNRS/Univ. de Strasbourg)