A National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging

PICT Curie

Contact: Jean Salamero

CuriePict The PICT-IBiSA imaging facility is spread over 4 different buildings, at the closest to the different scientific departments of the Institute (cell/dev. biology and cancer, signalization and cancer research, biophysics). 25 engineers and researchers run PICT. It covers a broad spectrum of imaging modalities from advanced light imaging to High Resolution EM, including, functional or in vivo imaging and innovative approaches in High space-time Resolution light microscopy. More than 40 setups are in open access. PICT associated teams gather expertise in all these domains. They are engaged in particular, in the development of multi-scale and multi-modal approaches. PICT and associated teams are collaborating with IPDM-Inria Node and Institut Curie-IT Team, with the aim to develop “BioImage Informatics” for big data set management, generated by HCS, 3D-EM, FullCLEM and in depth imaging. Most research topics are related to cancer research, from molecular processes in tumor cell differentiation and progression up to mathematic modelling of tumor behavior in its physiological environment.