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Head: Olivier Renaud (PICT-LM) & Daniel Levy (PICT-EM)

Location: Institut Curie - Pavillon Trouillet-Rossignol, Rue d'Ulm, 5e Arrondissement, France

The Cell and Tissue Imaging Platform (PICT-IBiSA) of the Institut Curie brings together advanced microscopy technologies. Its main objective is to provide researchers in cell biology, development, structural, chemistry and biophysics with imaging approaches at different spatial and dynamic scales ranging from the molecule, to the cell, to the organism in healthy or pathological contexts.

The platform is organized around 4 poles: photonic microscopy, high-content screening, electron microscopy, cryo-electron microscopy and ion microscopy. Photonic microscopy extends from dynamic imaging to high resolution. High throughput microscopy allows cellular screening of chemical and siRNA banks. Ion microscopy (NanoSIMS) provides chemical and isotopic maps of molecules in the cell. Electron microscopy and cryo-microscopy provide the molecular structure and cellular ultrastructure of biological samples. The platform also offers expertise in data processing and analysis.

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