Winning images – FBI Image Contest 2023

Winning images – FBI Image Contest 2023

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France-BioImaging and all the French community aims to develop and promote innovative imaging technologies and methods. But microscopy images can also take an artistic, creative look and make the invisible world beautiful, allowing people to see the visual appeal of the life sciences. 

We enjoyed the diversity of the images submitted with many different microscopy techniques, models and applications represented. A big thank you to all the participants!

The National Coordination Team and the Executive Board are proud to announce the winners of the FBI Image Contest 2023:

  • 1st Place: Laurent LE, Lévêque-Fort Team, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay

In the blink of an eye

COS7 fixed cell. Alpha-tubulin labeled with DNA-PAINT and imaged with Atto 647N. Axial information is obtained by virtual-SAF measurement known as DONALD.

SMLM Fluorescence Microscopy with DNA-PAINT with DONALD detection

  • 2nd Place: Gonzalo QUIROGA-ARTIGAS, Team Contrôle cytoplasmique de la stabilité du génome, Centre de recherche en Biologie Cellulaire de Montpellier

“Tardigrade embryos protected by mother’s molt”

Tardigrades commonly align the time of molting with egg laying. In this image we observe a tardigrade molt covering three developing embryos (DNA in white). The microscopy technology applied was confocal microscopy, and the research aimed to investigate the synchronization of embryo development in tardigrades.

Confocal microscopy

  • 3rd Place: Hugues LELOUARD, Gorvel team, Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille Luminy

“Intestinal octopus”

Small intestine section from a LyzM-eGFP mouse containing one Peyer’s patch and stained for proliferative cells (Ki-67, yellow), Paneth cells (UEA-I, blue), epithelial cells (EpCAM, magenta), naive B cells (IgD, red), T cells (CD3, orange), helper T cells/macrophages (CD4, cyan), phagocytes (CD11c, turquoise), monocyte-derived phagocytes (GFP, green).

10-color spectral confocal microscopy

Congratulations to the winners!

Explore all the images submitted here:

As stated in the Terms & Conditions of the contest, foreign participants non-affiliated to a French institution are featured in the gallery, but were not evaluated as part of the contest.

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