“Train the Trainers” a major activity for FBI

“Train the Trainers” a major activity for FBI


Already before year 2016, FBI was involved in many teaching and training activities. With the care about “not reinventing the wheel”, FBI first brought its support to running activities in this domain at the national level. For this reason, it was decided to bring recurrent help to the MiFoBio school of the CNRS, organized by the GDR MIV since 2004. Moreover and similarly, FBI is co-organizing the FBI-Advanced Training sessions, also with the GDR MIV. These two 5-9 days events are highly valuable and are recognized as such by a large community, far beyond core facility staffs. They are largely focused on theory and hands-one training and on applying this knowledge to specific biological questions. In 2016, FBI was a pushing force to give an international visibility to both actions. Both concepts merit a stronger international impact as other workshops or training series do, like EMBL-EMBO or Woods Hall workshops and courses. Taking advantage on diverse opportunities at the European and International level together with other main international actors in this topic (H2020, EuBI, NEUBIAS, FENS CAJAL), FBI now drafted a strategy at an upper level, with the aim at defining a complete “train the trainers” portfolio.

Let us mention some almost achieved deliverables: organizing surveys on Training Activity and Training Sites for Core Facility Staff and User within the European landscape followed by the proposition of new and necessary “trainings” (H2020 WP7 EuBI PPII) which will be presented during the 1st EuBI Core Facility Staff meeting (30th of October beforehand the MiFobio 2016), including organizing virtual (e-training), soft and management skills courses, hands-on training.

In this respect, France BioImaging co-organizes and will also teach at the 1st International Training Courses for Imaging Core Facility Staff of the Global BioImaging project (deadline 18th September), next November 2016 in Heidelberg (GBI International Training Courses for Imaging Core Facility Staff) which will adress two specific issues:
-“Challenges in image data management and analysis”
-“Management and operation of imaging core facilities”

Our experience in international course activities, expertise, equipment of our Local-Nodes with state of the art imaging techniques, allow us to propose the largest and most advanced portfolio of “à la carte” trainings in BioImaging over Europe. As a future step, France-BioImaging is supporting the opening of a call for “EuBI Training Nodes” in which FBI will propose itself as a “Training Node”. FBI is in a very strong position to propose an integrated Training offer in bioimaging. The Marseille and Bordeaux Nodes are currently building Training Centers. In Paris Centre, an Imaging Training common program is part of the recent official partnership between Institut Pasteur and Institut Curie (February 2016). Joint ventures between Marseille and Montpellier nodes and inclusiveness between Paris Centre and IdF Sud nodes teaching programs are foreseen.