A National Research Infrastructure for Biological Imaging



First Annual Meeting of INBS (Infrastructures Nationales en Biologie Santé)

The first Annual Meeting of the Infrastructures Nationales en Biologie Santé (INBS) was hold at CNRS, 9th December 2014. The aim of this meeting was…

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The C-CRAFT software is now added to the plug-in list in ICY

The C-CRAFT software for segmentation of particles and estimation of background fluorescence in 2D and 3D live cell imaging, was developed by the Serpico Team…

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Three National Infrastructures in Biology and Health meet

The 30th of January 2015, coordination staffs of 3 INBSs, laureates of the “Programme Investissement d’Avenir” in 2011 (FRISBI, Phenomin and FBI), get together for…

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2015 – International Year of Light

The Year of Light is a global initiative voted by the United Nations (UN) which aims to raise awareness around the world about the importance,…

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2nd European Bioimage Analysis Symposium Report

Webiste Institut Curie, Paris, January 5-6 2015   European Bioimage Analysis Symposium aims at increasing the accessibility of image analysis tools to biologists and also…

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3rd Quantitative BioImaging Conference Report

Webiste Institut Pasteur, Paris, January 7-9 2015   The 3rd QBI conference followed two previous sessions which were held in Albuqerque, New Mexico USA. QBI…

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Serpico Web portal

Serpico team makes some of its software applications available through a Mobyle web portal. This portal allows you to run image processing programs on your…

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INSERM Workshop

New trends in super-resolution optical microscopy: unraveling the ultra-structure and dynamics of molecular assemblies in cells and tissues PHASE I September 30 to October 2,…

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Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium 2015

Dear colleague, We are pleased to announce the 5th Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium, which will be held in Bordeaux, France, on the 26th-28th of…

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Interview : MiFoBio, ten years after.

In 2004 was launched the first edition of the MiFoBio CNRS Thematic School, created by the GDR(2588)-MIV (Microscopy and Imaging of Life) with the participation…

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Support to Events : Autumn session 2014

Autumn session 2014: The Executive Board of France-BioImaging has decided to support the following events: “First EuBIAS & QBI Joint Event” Curie Institute & Pasteur Institute, Paris, 5-9…

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France-BioImaging and Euro-BioImaging, a new step was taken.

The Preparatory Phase of EuBI, (a pan‐European research infrastructure project on ESFRI Roadmap) lasted from Dec 2010 to May 2014. Euro-BioImaging entered now the Interim…

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