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FBI Roadmap for next generation imaging technologies (2023-2030)

FBI Activity Report 2021-2022

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FBI final report ( June 2019)

Roadmap for biological imaging 2018 – 2024

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Events reports


Welcome to our new nodes! Normandie & Rhône-Alpes

Euro-BioImaging User Forum: Understanding Plant Biology

FBI Image Contest 2023

The FBI national coordination went on a bioimaging Tour de France!

Discover the selected projects – Africa-France Joint Initiative for Biological Imaging

Les Houches Winter School 2024 – Fluorescence markers for advanced microscopy From photophysics to biology

Save the date: FBI Annual Meeting 2023

“Imaging life: the future” symposium

A custom-made High-Content Screening method to identify therapeutic drugs for a fatal neurodegenerative disorder

COMULISglobe launches two Calls for Multimodal Imaging projects

Expansion microscopy workshop in Bordeaux

Atomic Force Microscopy: why should you use this microscopy technique?

We are looking for our next Deputy Director for International Affairs!

Using SBF-SEM to better understand an eye degeneration disease: the AMD

We were at the Euro-BioImaging’s All Hands Nodes Meeting!

ChemPhysBio2023 Summer School: How to spy on cell dynamics?

Quantitave Phase Imaging – exploring the unseen

Holotomography microscopy workshop

CXEM: finding a needle in a haystack


Building the bioimaging community: focus on COMULIS & NEUBIAS

A yeast responsible for horse sweat in wine: the Brettanomyces bruxellensis

A powerful high speed, low phototoxicity microscopy method to achieve super-resolved images

A novel label-free microscopy technique to image red blood cells and oxygenation

Videoconference : Click chemistry, bioorthogonal chemistry, and imaging. From concepts to the Nobel Prize

FBI CLEM day Sprint: a week to work on FAIR image data management

15th IEEE EMBS-SPS International Summer School on Biomedical Imaging

Automating fluorescence microscopy: the Roboscope project

light emitting device

Call for Projects “INBS Access to national research infrastructures”

MicroPICell, from our Bretagne-Loire node, received a double quality certification

Africa-France Joint Initiative for Biological Imaging

Euro-BioImaging User Forum “Cardiovascular Research”

Winning images – FBI Image Contest 2022

The Bordeaux Imaging Center awarded by the CNRS with a “Cristal collectif” medal

Symposium RNA biology and applications

FBI-AT 2022 – Gallery

3D Res/volution event – FIB-SEM and Lattice SIM Elyra 7

Navigating through cells using virtual and augmented reality

Meiofauna – the ocean’s next frontier

Lamellar structure in a differentiating multiciliated cell observed by transmission electron microscopy with a Tecnai G2 200kV FEI.

Learn more about our 2021 France-BioImaging Image Contest winners!

Acknowledging and citing core facilities

BioImageIT: integrating image data management with analysis

Fluorescence Images

Dalton © Hugues Lelouard, Mailfert Sébastien & Mathieu Fallet CIML CNRS-INSERM-AMU

FBI Image Contest 2022