2nd International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems

2nd International Conference on

Physics and Biological Systems

June 24-27 2014, Gif-sur-Yvette



Dear colleagues,


Registrations are now open for the second International Conference on Physics and Biological Systems, held on June 24-27 2014 in Gif-sur-Yvette, in the south of Paris.

Registration, abstract submission and additional information are on the conference website:


The deadline for early registration and poster abstract submission is May 15th.

Looking forward to seeing you in Gif next summer,


The organizing comittee



3D Electron Microscopy : From Molecule to Organism

1st International Meeting of the UPMC Cellular Imaging Network

3D Electron Microscopy : From Molecule to Organism



Information and registration


DEADLINE : April, the 2nd 2014




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This meeting is organized by the Cell Imaging Network of Pierre and Marie Curie University. It will present up-to-date 3D electron microscopy methods, as innovative tools to uncover the structure and function of biological systems at all levels of organization : molecules, multimolecular complexes, organelles, cells, tissues, organisms.

The program is focused on tomography, serial Imaging (FIB/SEM, Serial Block Face),  cryo-EM, scanning EM and 3D image reconstruction. It includes communications by invited speakers, short communications from selected submitted abstracts and poster sessions.



11th IEEE EMBS International Summer School on Biomedical Imaging


The spirit of this Summer School is inspired by the most prestigious school ever founded in France, Saint Flour, the influence of which has spread to generations of researchers in Mathematics. Since its establishment in Brittany in 1994, this school has become a worldwide reference. It is resolutely international (participants from more than twenty countries have participated to the previous editions) and accessible to young scientists. It is an open yet privileged place for exchanges and discussions of major on-going work. Informal and warm, at a location where the sea and the land combine in a time varying relation, this school brings together, every two years for ten days, the world great teachers and researchers in Biomedical Imaging.

For its 11th edition in 2014, it relocates in the wonderful facility of Saint Jacut de la Mer close to Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel.

Additional information

Extensive 6 hours lectures, seminars, and discussions are organized at the highest level, but with the freedom of spirit that is the tradition of Brittany. The school objective is to contribute without any exclusion to advances in a rapidly evolving field, and to foster participation in the adventure of research. It provides up-to-date, state-of-art knowledge on emerging areas and addresses important issues dealing with complex, multivariate systems, going from basic to applied research.

Audience: The Summer School is open to graduate students (M.S., PhD), post doctoral scientists, image processing scientists, radiologists, biologists, researchers and engineers in industry.

Lecture Program

Luis IBÁÑEZ, Kitware Inc., USA, “Open Science in Biomedical Image Analysis”
Aydogan OZCAN, UCLA, USA, “Computational Microscopy, Sensing and Diagnostics”
Rangaraj M. RANGAYYAN, University of Calgary, Canada, “Oriented Tissue Analysis in Medical Imaging”
Jocelyne TROCCAZ, UJF CNRS, France, “Computer Assisted Medical Interventions”
Dimitri VAN DE VILLE, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland, “fMRI and EEG for Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences”
Tony WILSON, University of Oxford, UK, “Advanced Microscopies for Biology”

Important dates

Candidature submission open from Dec., 2013 to March 15th, 2014 (Extended Deadline).


Jean-Christophe OLIVO-MARIN, Institut Pasteur (jcolivo@pasteur.fr)
Oscar ACOSTA, LTSI, Université de Rennes 1, 35042 Rennes CEDEX, France
Fax: +33 – E-mail : oscar.acosta@univ-rennes1.fr


Microscopy Adaptive Optics Day – MIVOA Project

MIVOA a PSL Project

Microscopy Adaptive Optics Day

MIVOA Project

April 1st, 2014 – 9h-17h

Institut Langevin

1, rue Jussieu, 75005 PARIS.


The “Microscopy Adaptive Optics Day” organized as part of the MIVOA project certified by PSL (with teams from IBENS, Institut Langevin, LESIA) will be held on April 1 at the Institut Langevin. This day will focus on the use of adaptive optics in Microscopy with the aim to promote this technology in Ile de France.



More information and registration : Journée MIVOA

Contact : journee-mivoa@sciencesconf.org

With the support of

MiFoBio 2012

We are pleased to inform you that the 2012 edition of the MiFoBio took place on 3-9 October 2012 in Talmont Saint Hilaire – Vendée – France

We thank all the organizers and participants who contributed to the school of knowledge and know-how of biomicroscopy and bioimaging.

MiFoBio 2012

An initiative of the GDR 2588 Microscopie and the RTmfm/MRCT
With the CNRS Continuing Education and INSERM permanent training
Courses, debates, workshops


EMBL Master Course Bioimage Data Analysis (BIAS 2014) in May (Heidelberg)

We are pleased to announce the EMBL Master Course Bioimage Data Analysis to be held from Monday, 12 May – Friday ,16 May 2014.

This course will focus on computational methods for analyzing images of proteins, cells and tissues, to boost the learning process of participants who have an immediate need to deploy image analysis in their own research. For this the course extends from basic principles in ImageJ, Matlab and R to the actual implementation of workflows using scripting. We expect that increasing the image analysis literacy of the participants will greatly enhance their scope, creativity and achievements of own research projects. We aim to gather expert knowledge to organize a world-leading course for image analysis in the field of biology.

The course will take place in Heidelberg, Germany at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre.

Registration and motivation letter deadline is February 25, 2014.

Please visit our course website for more details, including course schedule and list of confirmed speakers:


You are welcome to circulate this announcement to interested members and groups within your institution.

We look forward to welcoming you to Heidelberg, Germany.

Scientific Organisers:

Kota Miura, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Sébastien Tosi, Institute for Research in Biomedicine – IRB Barcelona, Spain

Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, Institut Curie, France

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Diah Yulianti

Conference Officer

European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Email: diah.yulianti@embl.de

2nd edition of the “BioImaging Advanced Training” course

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that the next edition of the BioImaging Advanced Training (BIAT) took place on 9-13 December 2013 in Gif-sur-Yvette (Essonne).

Thanks to all participants!

2nd edition of the “BioImaging Advanced Training” course,

an initiative of the GDR 2588 Microscopie et Imagerie du Vivant

9th -13th December 2013

  The BIAT course alternates classes, small group courses, practical courses and trans-module training.


  • 3D + time imaging of developing model organisms
  • Dynamics of membrane proteins in plant cells
  • Biosensors
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Super-resolution Imaging
  • Bio-Image informatics

11th Annual meeting of the french imaging facilities of the RTmfm, 11-14 November 2013, Villefranche sur mer

The Multi-dimensionnal Fluorescence Photonic Microscopy Technological Network (RTmfm) supports and promotes methodological and knowledge exchanges in the field of photonic microscopy devoted to life science. We organizes every year, since 2004, a national meeting of engineers and researchers working in imaging facilities over the life science french institutes. This meeting is held in a different location each year to highlight the technological and organizational characteristics of a place.

Held over two days, the different topics raised by the speakers cover technological aspects as well as organizational and collaborative tools to manage facilities.

Evolutions and activities of the different working groups of the network (Metrology, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, Arduino) and all the trainings organized by the network each year are presented and new propositions are debated.

This year the meeting is organised in Villefranche sur Mer and speakers will talk about new detectors in microscopy, batch image analysis developments or Web Images & Data Environment… A presentation and a visit of the Oceanology Institute and its imaging facilities will be organised. To get more informations see our website : rtmfm.cnrs.fr in “news” section.


Formation CNRS Traitement d’image spécialisée Analyse de la dynamique en Biologie

Il reste des places pour cette formation d’analyse d’image spécialisée analyse dynamique (tracking, flux optique etc..)  du 4 au 6 décembre 2013 à Paris 7 organisée par la DR2 CNRS.

Inscriptions avant le 12 Novembre :  http://www.sg.cnrs.fr/bpc/pratique/RH/docs/PDF/F_RH_formation.pdf auprès de franck.elsherbini@dr2.cnrs.fr et olga.hodges@dr2.cnrs.fr.

Comprendre les différentes méthodes d’analyse de la dynamique en biologie et leurs paramètres

Objectifs :

- Comprendre les différentes méthodes d’analyse de la dynamique en biologie et leurs paramètres

- Savoir choisir le type d’étude dynamique la plus adaptée à la question biologique

- Savoir générer et interpréter des champs de vitesse

- Savoir générer et interpréter des trajectoires

Programme :

  • Définition des modes de dynamiques moléculaire et cellulaire et leurs caractéristiques mesurables,
  • Bases théoriques du flux optique, Création et Analyse de cartes de vitesse
  • Méthodes de post traitement basée corrélation de fluorescence (ICS-TICS-STICS-RICS)
  • Bases théoriques du suivi d’objets. Utilisation de tracking (de particule et de cellules) sous Fiji et ICY, choix des paramètres, Analyse du tracking (caractéristiques du mouvement mesurables : interprétation MSD, directionalité, temps de pause, etc…)
  • Compensation de mouvement et tracking
  • Conditions d’acquisitions (résolution spatiales et temporelles) pour l’analyse dynamique.
  • Les limites d’interprétation et les pièges.
  • Choix d’une méthode et essai par les participants sur leur problématique.

Intervenants :

Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux IR CNRS; Francois Waharte IR CNRS; Jérôme Boulanger CR CNRS; Patrick Bouthémy DR INRIA; Charles Kervrann DR INRIA

Pasteur-Curie CLEM days, 21-22 October 2013, Institut Pasteur, Paris

Joint Pasteur-Curie CLEM days were held at Institut Pasteur in Paris on October 21-22.Congrès CLEM


Flyer CLEM Workshop Pasteur Curie


The CLEM days 2013 were jointly organized by the GDR-MIV 2588, Institut Curie and Institut Pasteur and were in the framework of the “Journées Thématiques du GDR-MIV 2588” & of France-BioImaging.

Imaging the Development, 19-24 January 2014, Ecole de Physique, Les Houches, France

Dear Colleagues,


The next Winter Conference of the European Society for Molecular Imaging on “IMAGING THE DEVELOPMENT” might be of interest for you.


The one-week conference will take place from 19-24 January 2014 at the Ecole de Physique in Les Houches, France.


The set-up is very similar to the Gordon Conferences or the original Keystone symposia in the US. It would be great if you could join us in the French Alps.


Deadline for abstract submission is 8 October 2013 - see www.topim.eu!


Speakers (so far):

Yohanns Bellaïche – Paris, France

Peter Carmeliet – Leuven, Belgium

Mary Dickinson – Houston, USA

Peter Friedl – Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Mark Henkelman – Toronto, Canada

Michal Neeman – Rehovot, Israel

Lee Niswander – Colorado, USA

Nadine Peyriéras – Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Olivier Pourquié – Illkirch, France

Jens Schwamborn – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Mikael Tanter – Paris, France

Daniel Turnbull – New York, USA

Annemie van der Linden – Antwerp, Belgium

Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz – Cambridge, UK


Among all domains of biological science, development is one for which the quality and relevance of observations depend drastically on non-destructive methods. The secret life of embryos and fetuses remained terra incognita for scientists. In the last decades the progress of non-invasive imaging has completely changed our view – read more at www.topim.eu


Do not hesitate to contact the ESMI Office (office@e-smi.eu) for any further information you may need.

EuBIAS 2013: European BioImage Analysis Symposium, October 7-12th 2013

Bioimage analysis meeting in Barcelona, from 7th to 8th of October this year: EUBIAS 2013: European BioImage Analysis Symposium.


The Symposium aims at strengthening the image analysis community in Europe and at increasing the accessibility of image analysis tools for the community and end-users.

The 2-days Open Community Meeting (Oct. 7-8th) features an “Open Software Showcase” presentations contributed by developers, open discussions and debates, and oral and posters contributions, participation is open to everyone. This event will help you to get a concise overview of various image analysis software packages in only two days, and also to provide usage feedbacks directly to the developers.
Developers from following packages/librairies have confirmed so far and will present their current status, most recent updates and perspectives:
- ImageJ / Fiji
- ImgLib / ImageJ2
- Ilastik, VIGRA
- OME (OMERO and Bio-Formats)
- CellProfiler
- BioImageXD
- CellCognition
- Mahotas
- EBImage
- Pink
- ITK /Farsight
- DIPImage

We welcome you to sign up to the BioImage Community Meeting now,
please visit the website for more details and for registration:

The Symposium also features a developers ‘Taggathon’ (Oct. 9-11th) event and a BioImage Analysis course (Oct. 9-12th) for european facilities members, please check the web for more details.

If BioImage Analysis is key to your research, do not miss this unique event to commit yourself in boosting the accessibility to BioImage Analysis tools and strengthening the community !

This event was conceptualized at the last ELMI meeting 2013 in Arcachon, is mainly sponsored by Euro-BioImaging (www.eurobioimaging.org) and OME, and by companies bridging open software. EuBIAS2013 is open to sponsor contributions and participation from the private sector. EuBIAS2013 is hosted by IRB Barcelona and is organized by many people from the University of Dundee, EMBL (Heidelberg), IRB Barcelona, CRG (Barcelona), EPFL (Lausanne), ETH (Zuerich), DZNE (Bonn), Institut Curie (Paris).

European BioImage Analysis Symposium – Barcelona 7 to12th of October


Organization Committee:
Jason Swedlow – University of Dundee,
Data Management and Analysis WP, Euro-BioImaging
Sébastien Tosi – IRB Barcelona – sebastien.tosi@irbbarcelona.org
Kota Miura – EMBL – kota.miura@embl.de
Julien Colombelli – IRB Barcelona – julien.colombelli@irbbarcelona.org
(tel: +34 93 4020451)

contact: eubias2013@gmail.com

Journées BioImage Informatics du GDR 2588/MIV


BioImage Informatics

8-9 Juillet 2013, Institut Curie, Paris


  • Bob Murphy
  • Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin


  • Yohanns Bellaiche
  • Laure Blanc-Féraud
  • Xavier Descombes
  • Dirk Drasdo
  • David Holcman
  • Charles Kervrann
  • Nadine Peyriéras
  • Vincent Studer
  • Alain Trubuil
  • Christophe Zimmer

Inscrivez-vous sur http://minilien.curie.fr/74wk7b

Organisée par

Jérôme Boulanger, Alexandre Dufour, Thomas Walter, Pierre Weiss 

France-BioImaging Kick-Off meeting will be held at Institut Curie, Paris, on November 26th and 27th 2012.


France-BioImaging Kick-Off meeting allows to gather the whole FBI community, node coordinators, associated teams, engineers and “fixed-term contracts” recruited on the FBI project, but also the main users of our facilities and collaborators.


One part of the meeting will consist in the presentation of up-to-date information, (governance, SAB, user access, user committee, EuroBioImaging,…) and talks of invited speakers in plenary session.


The other part will consist in the actualization of the Working Groups (WGs) that have in charge the coordination and management of the different Work Packages (WPs). To be efficient, WGs will work in groups of less than 20 persons to define the advancement of works already done, the ongoing projects and eventual collaborations between nodes. These WGs will work in parallel sessions and a restitution of their work will stand in plenary session.




You are very welcome to register here.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or any help for your reservation of accommodation in Paris.


EMBO Practical Course on “Super-resolution and single molecule microscopies in living cells” – Montpellier may 2013



On 13-19 May 2013, we will organize in Montpellier an EMBO practical course on “Super-resolution and single molecule microscopies in living cells”. The course will last five days, and 50% of the time will be devoted for practical experiments, using PALM, FCS, STED and SIM microscopes. This course will be open to 16 participants from all the world.

The topics covered will be :

  • PALM / STORM imaging
  • Fluctuation microscopy methods (FCS, RICS, N&B, …)
  • Structured Illumination
  • STED
  • Single-molecule dynamics in cells
  • FLIM
  • High-throughput imaging


The following speakers have already accepted to participate to the meeting :

  • Maïte Coppey-Moisan  (Paris)
  • Christian Eggeling  (Göttingen)
  • Christian Conrad  (Heidelberg)
  • Michelle Digman (Irvine)
  • Enrico Gratton  (Irvine)
  • Thomas Huser (UC Davis)
  • Don Lamb  (Munich)
  • Didier Marguet  (Marseille)
  • Suliana Manley (EPFL)
  • Markus Sauer  (Würzburg)
  • Hari Schroff  (NIH)
  • Victor Sourjik  (Heidelberg)

For more information, follow this link, or contact Marcelo Nollmann or Emmanuel Margeat